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Join the fight for freedom and equal rights

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Pride and WPP

Great that you want to donate to Hivos’s Free to Be Me campaign!

Your donation will help more people around the world to feel free to be whoever they want to be, free from oppression and violence.

Click here to find out more about the campaign.

Thank you for your support,

Free to be Me

Pride is not just a public manifestation; it’s also a celebration. We celebrate who we are and who we love. We make diversity visible and celebrate our freedom. Unfortunately, this freedom cannot be celebrated everywhere in the world. LGBTIQ+ people still face discrimination, violence and exclusion on a daily basis. Laws prohibiting same-sex relationships and marriage, or gender transitioning and crossdressing, not only rob LGBTIQ+ people of their freedom and dignity, but also do them serious harm.

That’s why we work for equal rights and freedom of identity in more than 25 countries. We support courageous activists and their organizations leading the fight for inclusion and justice and convince people in power to speak out and openly stand by the LGBTIQ+ community. We aim to eradicate persistent negative stereotypes that fuel exclusion and violence and are committed to strengthening the socio-economic position of LGBTIQ+ people and building strong LGBTIQ+ networks. Together with local organizations, we assist victims of discrimination, using legal means if necessary.

But to do all this, we need your support. So we are asking you to help us out with a one-off or regular donation. No matter what you give, it will make a positive difference in the lives of LGBTIQ+ people.

To find out more about our work on advancing the rights of LGBTIQ+ communities, visit our English website.